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Gallery: Supernova remnant B0049-73.6

THE PRECISE DETAILS of how massive stars explode at the end of their lives – a process known as a supernova – remains one of the biggest questions in astrophysics.

Located in the neighbouring galaxy of the Small Magellanic Cloud, this false-colour image shows the aftermath of such a supernova – an enormous, expanding debris cloud called a supernova remnant.

SNR B0049-73.6

Chandra X-ray Observatory image of supernova remnant SNR B0049-73.6, the aftermath of a stellar explosion. Image credit: X-ray: NASA / CXC / Drew Univ. / S.Hendrick et al, Infrared: 2MASS / Umass / IPAC-Caltech / NASA / NSF

Known only by its catalogue number, SNR B0049-73.6, it provides astronomers with an excellent example with which to study the after effects of a supernova. Chandra observations of the motions and composition of the debris from the explosion support the view that the explosion was produced by the collapse of the core of a star.

In this image, X-rays from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory satellite (purple) are combined with infrared data from the 2MASS survey (red, green, and blue).

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