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Gallery: The ‘Fireworks Galaxy’

NGC 6946 IS A MEDIUM-SIZED, face-on spiral galaxy located about 22 million light years away from Earth. In the past century, eight supernovae have been observed to explode in the arms of this galaxy. Chandra space telescope observations (coloured purple in this iamge) have, in fact, revealed three of the oldest supernovae ever detected at X-ray wavelengths, giving more credence to its nickname of the ‘Fireworks Galaxy.’ This composite image also includes optical data from the ground-based Gemini Observatory.

NGC 6949

NGC 6949, also known as the ‘Fireworks Galaxy’. Image credit: X-ray: NASA / CXC / MSSL / R.Soria et al, Optical: AURA / Gemini Obs

More information and downloadable wallpaper images:

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