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Beyond Einstein — the video

ALBERT EINSTEIN’S THEORIES rank among humanity’s greatest achievements, and sparked the scientific revolution of the 20th Century.

In their attempts to understand how space, time and matter are connected, Einstein and his successors made three predictions:

First, that space is expanding from a Big Bang.

Second, that black holes exist—these extremely dense places in the universe where space and time are tied into contorted knots and where time itself stops.

And third, that there is some kind of energy pulling the universe apart.

These three predictions seemed so far-fetched, that everyone, including Einstein himself, thought they were unlikely.

Yet incredibly, all three have turned out to be true.

This is where NASA’s Beyond Einstein programme begins. Using advanced space-based technology to explore these three questions, NASA and its partners begin the next revolution in our understanding of the universe.

NASA’s Beyond Einstein programme is poised to complete Einstein’s legacy—and ultimately unravel the mysteries of the Universe.

Adapted from information issued by NASA / Goddard Space Flight Centre.

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