Stargazing & learning resources

Great sites that can you help you with stargazing, whether you’re a novice or an expert. offers amateur astronomers all over the world the ability to communicate online in a friendly and engaging environment, with forums for all areas of interest. It’s a very friendly community of people who share a great passion for this amazing hobby.

IceInSpace forum IceInSpace is a very large online Australian community of amateur and recreational astronomers. You can get lots of advice and help with your stargazing efforts, and take advantage of the many ‘how to’ articles and equipment reviews.

MyAstroSpace forum This is an online Australian astronomy forum frequented by recreational and amateur astronomers, both novice and expert. A great place to ask questions and get advice.

South Celestial Pole forum Another online Australian astronomy forum for recreational and amateur astronomers. A friendly and helpful community of stargazers.

Astronomy Australia A wealth of information on astronomy activities in Australia, all collected in the one easy-to-use reference.

Stellarium Turn your PC into a planetarium. Download the program, tell it where you live, and it’ll give you a highly realistic view of the sky, day or night, on any day of the year.

Google Sky A very popular online resource for navigating around the sky, zooming in to see lots of celestial objects. It’s an add-on to the downloadable Google Earth, which lets you do the same thing, except this time by looking down on our planet instead of looking away from it.

Heavens-Above Ever wondered whether that light you saw in the sky was a satellite? Ever wanted to know when to see the space shuttle or International Space Station pass overhead? Then Heavens-Above is for you. Just log in (it’s free), tell it where you live, and then select what you want to see.

Virtual Moon Atlas A favourite amongst stargazers, this downloadable program helps you to identify craters and mountains etc on our nearest neighbour, the Moon.  Easy to use and full of detail, this really is a fantastic way to explore the lunar surface.