StarGazer Beginner’s Pack

Star Gazer Beginner's Pack

Star Gazer Beginner's Pack

Pack includes:

  • Quality 7×50 waterproof binoculars
  • Set of 18 star charts
  • Southern Hemisphere Starwheel
  • Red light torch for night viewing
  • Astronomy DVD

Only $199.00

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This tremendous Beginner’s Pack is perfect for anyone taking their first steps in astronomy, with everything needed to get started. Let’s look at the features…

The binoculars

7x50 binoculars

Top-quality 7x50 binoculars

Binoculars are the perfect way to get started in stargazing, as they’re easy to use, give a wide field of view, provide binocular vision (as opposed to the single-eye vision you get with a telescope) … and they can also be used during the day for terrestrial purposes!

These quality binoculars feature 7x magnification, 50mm aperture lenses, BAK-4 prisms, and are they are waterproof and fog-proof. More features:

  • Nitrogen filled for weatherproof operation
  • Premium quality multi-coated optics with BAK4 prisms
  • Premium quality rubber-armoured body
  • Includes connection for a tripod adapter
  • Outstanding visual and mechanical capability and good eye-relief.
  • Floating strap to ensure they stays afloat

Suitable for astronomy, sailing, birding, sports and many more applications.

Star charts

Set of 18 star charts for finding your way around the night sky

Star charts

A series of 18 maps (nine double-sided A4 pages) covering the entire sky and showing the positions of star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and double and variable stars. The constellation lines are the same as those on our Star Disc to help make identification easier. The charts have a southern hemisphere orientation (with south at the top) and have a water resistant laminate coat to making them more durable when used outside. An additional reference guide provides an overall view of all 18 charts, plus instructions about their use and an index to the constellations and major stars. Charts created by famed celestial cartographer, Wil Tirion.


This Australian-produced DVD features educational videos and spectacular astronomical slide shows. The Outback Sky in particular is really stunning. Full contents include:

  • Stars Clusters
  • Life of a Star
  • Nebulae
  • Galaxies
  • The Cosmos
  • Telescopes
  • Best of Hubble (in 2 parts)
  • The Outback Sky
Red light torch

Preserve your night vision with this Red Light Torch

Red Light Torch

It’s important to protect your night vision when out stargazing, and that means using only red light. This fantastic, compact Red Light Torch will preserve your dark-adapted eyes when observing in the field. Perfect for viewing Moon maps and star charts in the dark, as well as finding eyepieces and other items in your accessories case!

The StarGazer Beginner’s Pack will jump start you into your new hobby of amateur astronomy, with each item destined to remain in your astronomical toolkit for years to come!

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