StarGazer Beginner’s Pack 2

StarGazer Beginner's Pack 2

The StarGazer Beginner's Pack 2

Pack includes:

  • Quality 6-inch (153mm) reflecting telescope
  • ProStar 1.25-inch Neutral Density Moon and planet filter
  • Set of 6 eyepiece filters for viewing the planets
  • Southern Hemisphere Starwheel
  • Astronomy DVD

Only $485.00

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This fabulous Beginner’s Pack is the ideal economical way to get your first telescope and start your astronomy hobby. Let’s look at the features…

The telescope

153mm Dobsonian telescope

Easy-to-use 153mm (6-inch) reflecting telescope

The SW580 is an easy-to-use reflecting telescope, with optics that are far superior to self-branded models you’ll encounter elsewhere.

The SW580 has a “paraboloidal” primary mirror that eliminates spherical aberration, and a 4-vein secondary mirror bracket with fine supports (only 0.5mm thick) to reduce diffraction spikes and light loss.

In addition, it includes a 2-inch focuser with a 1.25-inch adapter, enabling the use of both popular eyepiece sizes.

The tube is all-steel fabrication, fully undercoated for long life. The primary mirror features an easy collimation spot marker.

  • Aperture: 153mm (6-inch)
  • Focal Length: 1200mm, f/7.8
  • Highest Practical Power: 361x
  • 6×30 finderscope
  • Eyepieces: 10mm and 20mm
  • Weight: tube 6kg, base 8kg

The mount is fitted with an adjustable tension control handle for correct balance of the optical tube with specially designed handles on the base. The design adds enough friction and tension to allow the tube to move easily when wanted but to stay in position when not. You can easily add or reduce tension by turning on the handle. This feature solves the common balance problem found on many Dobsonian-style telescopes.

ND filter

Special filter for lunar and planetary viewing

Comes with a full 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Moon and planet filter

Made from Schott optical glass, the ProStar 1.25-inch Neutral Density (ND96) filter transmits 13% of all incident light, while blocking 87%. This makes it perfect for studying the bright Moon and for splitting close double stars. It also enables maximum-contrast viewing of planetary and lunar detail.

The optics are individually precision ground and highly polished, with maximum light transmission coatings on both sides.


Set of 6 eyepiece filters

Eyepiece filters

This set of six high-quality eyepiece filters will enable you to bring out more detail when observing the Moon and planets. Easy to use, just screw them into position and away you go!

  • Wratten coloured glass threaded filters
  • Suit 1.25-inch barrel eyepieces

Check out the filter guide to see which ones will best suit your requirements.

The Starwheel

This very hand Southern Hemisphere Starwheel, or planisphere, is a must for every stargazer. Just rotate the wheel to the date and time of your choice, and the map shows you what’s up in the sky!

Star wheel

A Starwheel is ideal for learning the night sky

  • Double-sided, it gives views of the northern and southern skies from the perspective of observers in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Clear, uncluttered design
  • Mapped by world-renowned astronomical cartographer, Wil Tirion
  • Show all the major stars, plus galaxies, nebulae and star clusters
  • Size: 30cm x 24cm
  • Suitable for latitudes 25° South to 45° South (eg. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina and Chile)


Astronomy DVD

Feature-packed astronomy DVD, perfect for cloudy nights.

This Australian-produced DVD features educational videos and spectacular astronomical slide shows. The Outback Sky in particular is really stunning. Full contents:

  • Stars Clusters
  • Life of a Star
  • Nebulae
  • Galaxies
  • The Cosmos
  • Telescopes
  • Best of Hubble (in 2 parts)
  • The Outback Sky

The StarGazer Beginner’s Pack 2 is the ideal way for adults to get their first telescope and begin exploring the night skies. (For younger astronomers, we recommend the StarGazer Beginner Pack, which comes complete with a 70mm refracting telescope.)

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