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HELLO FOLKS. My apologies for the lack of updates on in recent weeks, but your editor has been away conducting astronomy lectures aboard a cruise ship (the wonderful m/s Oosterdam, of the Holland America Line) on a journey to various tropical paradises scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean. Having now reluctantly returned to reality, it’ll be back to normal with SpaceInfo.

Lots of people aboard the Oosterdam asked me where I got all the incredible images of space that I showed during my lectures, and I promised to post some links. So here we go.

NASA has plenty of great web sites, for adults and children, including these favourites of mine:

NASA home page

NASA Planetary Photojournal

NASA Human Space Flight Gallery

NASA Quest

NASA Kids’ Club

There are lots of amazing images from the Hubble Space Telescope at these sites:

Hubble Space Telescope

European Space Agency Hubble site

There are other telescopes up in space too – here are a few:

Spitzer Space Telescope

Kepler Observatory

Herschel Space Telescope

And then there are all the wonderful ground-based observatories — here’s a small selection:

Australian Astronomical Observatory

Australia Telescope

Square Kilometre Array

Keck Observatory

Gemini Observatory

For keeping an eye on the Sun and solar activity, try these sites:

SOHO spacecraft

Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft

Here are links to some of the spacecraft missions that are exploring the planets of our Solar System:


LRO (the Moon)

Cassini (Saturn)

Juno (Jupiter)

New Horizons (Pluto)

Curiosity rover (Mars)

Mars Express (Mars)

Mars Odyssey (Mars)

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (Mars)

Opportunity rover (Mars)

My thanks to everyone aboard the m/s Oosterdam, both crew and passengers, for making the journey so enjoyable and fulfilling.

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