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NASA’S CASSINI SPACECRAFT, in orbit around the planet Saturn, has been sending back some wonderful views of its moons. In particular, it has captured images where one moon seems to float in front of the other. Here we present a selection of recent images.

Cassini image of Titan and Tethys

Can you tell which of these moons in the foreground? It's Titan, the large one (diameter 5,150 kilometres; bigger than our Moon) with the orange atmosphere, with smaller, shiny, icy Tethys in the background. Titan was 2.3 million kilometres from Titan, and 3.4 million from Tethys when it took this image. Saturn's rings can be seen edge-on in the distance.

Cassini image of Rhea and Titan

This black-and-white image shows the moon Rhea (1,528 km diameter) in front of Titan. Cassini was 2 million kilometres from Titan and 1.3 million kilometres from Rhea when it took this image.

Cassini image of Titan and Dione

This view shows Titan again, this time with the much smaller moon Dione (1,123 km diameter) peering around from behind, with Saturn and its rings (edge-on) in the background. Cassini was 2.3 million kilometres from Titan and 3.2 million kilometres from Dione when it took the image. The haze that surrounds Titan can clearly be seen. Titan has a mostly nitrogen atmosphere that extends far from the surface. The surface pressure is about 1.5 times that on Earth.

Cassini image of Titan

In this view, Titan appears to float in front of Saturn and its rings. Titan is not only the second-largest moon in the Solar System; it's also about 300 kilometres wider than the planet Mercury!

More information: Cassini mission

Story by Jonathan Nally. Images courtesy NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute.

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  1. Sally says:

    I especially like the b&w photo of Rhea in front of Titan. Beautiful!