Amazing aurora videos

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  1. Anne says:

    Mother Nature at her finest – its on my wish list to see either the Borealis or Australis = how beautiful and soothing these videos are – thank you Jonathan for sharing.

  2. PCPete says:

    Tromso/ö/ó/ò/õ/ô/(darn it 🙂 is *so* on my list of places to visit in the right season, at the right time of day, with (I assume) enough time to spend to see it properly.

    Gorgeous videos, and the music ain’t bad neither.

    Now _that’s_ a great screensaver!

    I’d like to figure out one day, the amount of energy involved in that kind of interaction. I know it’s big, and I know it’s energetic, so compared to the 1kW/m2 of ordinary sunlight, it must be a fairly significant fraction! Maybe 1 or 2%?

    Anyone know for sure? (Or how I can find out?)