Leaders praise Aus-NZ SKA bid

PRIME MINISTERS Julia Gillard and John Key praised the joint SKA bid during recent talks in New Zealand.

The Prime Ministers reaffirmed their countries’ strong ties during recent talks in New Zealand, where they met to sign a trade agreement to promote closer economic relations between the two countries.

During the talks, Prime Ministers Key and Gillard praised the Australian and New Zealand SKA (anzSKA) bid to host the SKA which is seen as a good example of strong trans-Tasman economic and social ties.

Map of potential SKA stations in Australia and New Zealand

If Australia and New Zealand win the bid to host the Square Kilometre Array, antennae will be spread across the two countries.

“Our joint determination to bring the multibillion-dollar Square Kilometre Array radio-telescope project to this part of the world is a great example of how working together strengthens our position internationally,” The Prime Ministers wrote.

The comments have bolstered Australian and New Zealand astronomers who are already working closely together after the successful link up of six radio telescopes across the Tasman Sea.

The linked telescopes will make images ten times more detailed than those of the Hubble Space Telescope and has already been used to generate unparalleled images of nearby galaxy Centaurus A.

Adapted from information issued by www.ska.gov.au. Image courtesy CSIRO. Video courtesy www.skatelescope.org

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