Mars rover learns to reach out

NASA’s next Mars rover, Curiosity—also known as the Mars Science Laboratory—is taking shape in advance of its launch next year. The video above recounts the latest milestone…the attachment of the rover’s robotic arm.

About the size of an SUV car, the rover has six wheels with their own electric motors. All up, the wheel mobility system has 10 motors—four for steering the rover and six for driving.

Due to land on the Red Planet in August 2012, Curiosity will be the largest rover ever sent to Mars. It will carry 10 instruments that will help assess an intriguing region of the planet for two things: environments where life might have existed, and the capacity of those environments to preserve evidence of past life.

The video below shows Curiosity taking its first “baby steps” in the laboratory.

Adapted from information issued by NASA.

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  1. Lucyinthesky says:

    I can’t wait to see this tearing around on Mars!