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Image showing X-ray emission from black holes

GALLERY: Black holes galore

Every blob and dot of light you can see in this picture shows where a black hole is lurking. NASA’s NuSTAR space observatory has revealed hundreds of them scattered throughout the cosmos.

Artist's impression of the interior of a supernova precursor star

Inside-out exploding star

Why did a star turn itself inside out when it blasted itself to bits?

Take a tour of the Crab Nebula

Take a tour of the Crab Nebula

Vast supernova remnant harbours a magnetised neutron star, a pulsar, that emits ‘superflares’.

Artist's impression of a black hole

Space spin-offs – better cancer therapy

Astronomers’ research on celestial bodies may have an impact on the human body.

Artist's impression of a neutron star partially devouring a massive clump of matter.

Neutron star bites off more than it can chew

Huge X-ray flare seen as a dense star gobbles up part of another star.

Hubble starfield

Aussie astronomers find stellar heavyweights

Australian team develops new method to hunt the Milky Way’s most monster stars.

Composite image of Arp 147

Giant ring of black holes

Collision between galaxies has spawned a wave of black hole birth.

M31 Andromeda galaxy

Birth and death in Andromeda

Spectacular new view of the Andromeda Galaxy shows stars coming and going.

Crab Nebula

Crab’s candle starts to flicker

Famous nebula’s steady nature thrown into doubt through new X-ray observations.

Gamma-ray burst GRB100621A

Blast blinds telescope

Huge X-ray blast from deep space briefly blinded NASA’s Swift observatory