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WISE image of the Orion Nebula

GALLERY: Orion’s fiery sword

WISE space observatory reveals the hot and turbulent environment of the Orion Nebula

Trojan asteroid 2010 TK7

We are not alone

Earth has a new neighbour, a “Trojan” asteroid that shares our orbit.

WISE view of Zeta Ophiuchi

Runaway star shocks the neighbours

Star 65,000 times brighter than the Sun smashes through its neighbourhood.

WISE view of part of Orion

Orion’s hidden dimensions

NASA’s WISE satellite provides a new view of the famous constellation of The Hunter.

WISE image of the Andromeda galaxy

Celestial treasure trove

NASA space telescope beams back amazing infrared views of the cosmos.

NGC 1514

Cosmic jellyfish afloat in starry sea

It looks like a deep-sea creature, but it’s actually the last gasp of a dying star.

WISE eyes on the sky

WISE eyes on the sky

NASA’s WISE spacecraft has completed its first survey of the entire sky

WISE mission logo

Space Rock: the latest hits

Space telescope compiles a catalogue of space rocks (asteroids!). Watch the video…

WISE space telescope image of the Heart and Soul nebulae

Space telescope reveals hidden cosmos

NASA’s WISE telescope sees a huge double nebula and thousands of asteroids.