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Why was Australia lit up like Christmas tree?

Why was Australia lit up like Christmas tree?

Mystery of Australia’s outback light show solved

Aqua satellite image of fires in Western Australia

Australia from Space – Outback fires

Satellite image shows dozens of fires blazing in a remote part of Western Australia.

Satellite image of Cape York

Australia from Space: Part 4

Beautiful satellite images of the coral reefs that surround the Australian continent.

Lake Frome seen from space

Australia from Space: Part 3

Scenes from across the sunburnt country—salt lakes and red dunes.

The Shoemaker Impact Structure in Western Australia, seen from orbit.

Earth from Space — Outback crater

Evidence of a large meteoroid impact still scars the Western Australian desert.

Artist's impression of dishes that will make up the SKA radio telescope.

Radio astronomy protected in Western Australia

New regulations will protect Australia’s new super ‘scopes from radio interference.

Kimberley shoreline, Western Australia

Australia from Space: Part 2

Shorelines around the Australian continent, as seen from the International Space Station.

Astronaut photo of the Petermann Ranges

Australia from space

Outback scenes, in images taken from the International Space Station.

Stargazers with telescopes

Future stars to meet ancient stars

Locals and students across WA will get the chance to explore the night sky.

MWA antennae

Aussies unite for outback astronomy

Scientists and companies are busily building the next generation of radio telescopes in the remote desert.