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Boiling over in zero-g

Boiling over in zero-g

Space water experiment aims to help engineers develop new space technologies.

Artist’s impression of super-Earth GJ 1214b

Water world found in deep space?

“Super-Earth” could have an atmosphere of steam, say astronomers.

Artist's impression of LCROSS about to impact the Moon

Moon’s buried treasure uncovered

Lunar impact missions reveal treasure trove of ice and other useful chemicals.

Artist’s concept of lightning on Venus

Was Venus once habitable?

Venus and Earth are completely different today, but was it always that way?

Image from orbit showing an ocean-covered part of Earth.

Search for life might need rethink

Some of Earth’s water doesn’t support life, so what’s the potential for life on Mars?

Earth seen from space

Earth was wet in its youth

Extreme greenhouse gases weren’t needed to keep Earth from freezing.