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A galaxy

Mysterious dance of dwarfs may force a cosmic rethink

The discovery that many small galaxies do not ‘swarm’ randomly around larger ones, is forcing astronomers to reconsider some aspects of how the universe formed and evolved.

An artist's conception of a black hole generating a jet

Galactic explosion betrays black hole

A colossal explosion from the supermassive black hole at centre of our galaxy has been revealed by its reflected glow.

NGC 300

Aussie tech helps telescopes “see in the dark”

Breakthrough system promises to help telescopes see more clearly through Earth’s atmosphere.

CSIRO's Australia Telescope Compact Array

Milky Way galaxy is a ‘snake pit’

CSIRO map of gas in our galaxy shows huge turbulence waves that look like snakes.

A nebula and stars

Star Aussie student wins astronomy prize

UPDATED: Recycling old stars into new stars and planets is the focus of research.

Hubble starfield

Aussie astronomers find stellar heavyweights

Australian team develops new method to hunt the Milky Way’s most monster stars.

Magnetic field lines superposed on a galaxy

Sydney astronomer gets top science medal

Recognition of research into one of the unsolved mysteries of universe—magnetism.

SKAMP telescope

CSIRO “hot rods” old telescope

Aussie radio telescope gets a major upgrade for the 21st century.

Artist's impression of ASKAP

Big boost for Aussie astronomy

$28.1 million provided for a new Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics

An aurora seen from space shuttle Discovery in 1991.

Keeping a weather eye on space

Aussie scientists are working to better predict risky space conditions.