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Weekly space gallery for January 28, 2014

Weekly space gallery for January 28, 2014

We bring you the latest amazing astronomy and space exploration images from around the cosmos.

Cassini image of Titan and Dione

Views of Moons

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snaps intriguing images of Saturn’s moons.

Cassini image of four Saturnian moons

Gallery – Saturn’s four moon shuffle

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snaps four moons in the one image.

Titan, Epimetheus and Saturn's rings

Life on Titan: up in the air?

Hazy atmosphere of Saturn’s big moon could hold key ingredients for life.

Rhea, Prometheus and Saturn's rings

Moons with a view

Eerie images of Saturn’s moons, courtesy of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft

Artist's impression of Cassini passing Titan

Titan gets a visitor

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft to swoop past Saturn’s biggest moon today

The shadows of Enceladus (left) and Titan (right) on Saturn's cloud tops.

Shadows on Saturn

Moons, large and small, casting shadows onto the Ringed Planet’s clouds.

Titan, Saturn’s largest moon

Moon gases: life starters?

Zapping a Titan-like gas mix with UV light produces life-precursor chemicals.

Artist's concept of a lake on the surface of the moon Titan

Life on Titan could eat acetylene

Is Saturn’s moon Titan home to methane-based life-forms that eat welding gas?

Life on Titan would be smelly

Life on Titan would be smelly

Life on Saturn’s moon, Titan, would be strange, smelly and explosive!