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Artist's impression of a black hole about to devour a star

Black holes grow faster than expected

Astronomers have discovered how biggest black holes grow – and it’s not what was expected.

Artist's visualisation of the pulsar and its orbiting planet

‘The Dish’ finds a ‘diamond planet’

Astronomers think they’ve found a planet that was once a star, and is made of diamond.

Visualisation of dark energy

It’s official – dark energy is real!

A century after Einstein’s ‘biggest blunder’, Aussie research shows he was right after all.

A spiral galaxy

Top astronomer joins Aussie uni

Acclaimed astronomer Prof. Jeremy Mould boosts Swinburne Uni’s already high standing.

Galaxy NGC1407

Giant galaxies are like ‘snowflakes’

Huge galaxies are born in much the same way as delicate snowflakes, new research shows.

Artist's impression of a pulsar

Citizen scientists discover rare pulsar

One of nature’s most extraordinary cosmic beasts found using home PCs.

Distant galaxies

Cosmic conundrum puzzles astronomers

Galaxy studies reveal what could be a bizarre coincidence, or something more

A simulation of dark matter distribution

Supercomputer to boost Australian astronomy

Computer games technology will simulate cosmic events up to 100 times better.