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SNR B0049-73.6

Gallery: Supernova remnant B0049-73.6

The violent aftermath of a stellar explosion – a supernova remnant – gives astronomers clues to the death throes of massive stars.

Artist's impression of the interior of a supernova precursor star

Inside-out exploding star

Why did a star turn itself inside out when it blasted itself to bits?

RCW 86

Ancient supernova seen in a new light

Stellar explosion seen almost 2,000 years ago was the result of an overloaded star.

Artist's impression of a black hole

Aussie shares Nobel Prize for physics

Discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe leads to top physics prize.

Fried Egg Nebula

Fried Egg nebula home to hypergiant

Rare class of ‘yellow hypergiant’ star lives at the centre of this weird nebula.

Hubble Space Telescope image of Holmberg II

Galaxy caught blowing bubbles

Hubble spots huge glowing bubbles of hot gas in a strange dwarf galaxy.

Take a tour of the Crab Nebula

Take a tour of the Crab Nebula

Vast supernova remnant harbours a magnetised neutron star, a pulsar, that emits ‘superflares’.

SN 1987A

Supernovae make raw material for planets

Famous stellar explosion produced enough material to make 200,000 new worlds.

Crab Nebula

Happy birthday, Crab Nebula!

Famous supernova went off almost 1,000 years ago, leaving a glowing cloud in its wake

The Meathook Galaxy

Meet the Meathook Galaxy

Strangely lopsided galaxy has bent spiral arms and glowing clouds of hydrogen gas.