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Artist's impression of Gaia

Billion-pixel space camera

Huge digital camera will map a billion Milky Way stars during the Gaia mission.

A nebula and stars

Star Aussie student wins astronomy prize

UPDATED: Recycling old stars into new stars and planets is the focus of research.

Hubble starfield

Aussie astronomers find stellar heavyweights

Australian team develops new method to hunt the Milky Way’s most monster stars.

Artist's concept of a red dwarf star and three planets

New way to find alien planets

Astronomers think small, overlooked stars could be good places to search for planets.

Artist's conception of black holes about to merge

Hungry black holes shred stars

Merging black holes form monsters that go on rampages through nearby stars.

Artist's impression of a star like our Sun

Updated census of Sun-like stars

Stellar oscillations are telling astronomers more about the life story of stars.


Diamond stars in a sea of colour

Hubble shows a cluster of sparkling stars carving a niche inside billowing clouds of gas.

Stars in the Milky way

Aquarius younger by billions of years

Milky Way invaded by a stream of young stars from a shattered galaxy.

Hubble image of stars in Omega Centauri

Hubble looks 10,000 years into the future

Future course of stars plotted using data from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Artist's impression of the relative sizes of young stars

“Super stars” uncovered

Megastars hundreds of times the mass of our Sun have been discovered.