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WISE image of the Orion Nebula

GALLERY: Orion’s fiery sword

WISE space observatory reveals the hot and turbulent environment of the Orion Nebula

Lupus 3 dark cloud

From darkness comes the light

Dark nebula is the birthplace of new stars.

Josh Lake's image of LHA 120-N11

Hubble spots a hidden treasure

Nearly 200,000 light-years from Earth, glowing gas clouds are collapsing to form new stars.

Dwarf galaxy NGC 2366

Tiny galaxy with a bright nebula

Hubble studies a small galaxy with a big, bright nebula on its outskirts.

Hubble Space Telescope image of Holmberg II

Galaxy caught blowing bubbles

Hubble spots huge glowing bubbles of hot gas in a strange dwarf galaxy.

The Rho Ophiuchi clouds

A nebula to dye for!

Hydrogen peroxide—used on Earth to dye hair blonde—has been found in deep space

The Meathook Galaxy

Meet the Meathook Galaxy

Strangely lopsided galaxy has bent spiral arms and glowing clouds of hydrogen gas.

Incredible Hubble video

Incredible Hubble video

Amazing Hubble Telescope video of a star-forming region in a nearby galaxy

Spizter image of dark dust in the region M17 Swex

Dragon of deep space

NASA’s Spitzer telescope reveals a “dragon” soaring through space.

The Orion Nebula

New star-forming regions found

Milky Way found to have more regions where stars are being formed.