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GLIMPSE360 and 2MASS image

Glimpse of glittering stars and gas

NASA’s Spitzer space telescope takes a long look at our Galaxy’s outer limits.

Artist's conception of buckyballs in space

Buckyballs in space!

Important soccer ball-shaped molecules have been seen in space for the first time.

Spizter image of dark dust in the region M17 Swex

Dragon of deep space

NASA’s Spitzer telescope reveals a “dragon” soaring through space.

The Orion Nebula

New star-forming regions found

Milky Way found to have more regions where stars are being formed.

Artist's concept of an unusual, methane-free planet

A planet that “tastes” funny

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has found a weird planet that lacks a common gas.

Part of the Orion Nebula

Young stars shine in Orion

Astronomers have turned paparazzi, snapping images of hot, young stars.