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Artist's concept of the planet 55 Cancri e

Light of an alien “super-Earth”

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope picks up the light of a distant water world.

Artist's concepts of Spitzer, Planck and Kepler

Three space missions extended

Kepler, Spitzer and Planck telescopes get extra time in space.


Galaxy at the dawn of time

NASA space telescopes help spot a rare galaxy, as it was when the universe was young.

Artist's impression of the European Extremely Large Telescope

World’s biggest telescope a step closer

Work to commence on European Extremely Large Telescope site in Chile.

Artist's conception of the Eta Corvi star system

Rain of comets in alien star system

Spitzer Space Telescope study suggests a hail of comets is battering a distant planet.

RCW 86

Ancient supernova seen in a new light

Stellar explosion seen almost 2,000 years ago was the result of an overloaded star.

Journey to the Centre of the Galaxy

Journey to the Centre of the Galaxy

Zoom through interstellar dust clouds to core of the Milky Way. Watch the video…

Spitzer image of the North American Nebula

Star spangled nebula

NASA telescope gives new view of stellar family life in the North American Nebula.

Artist's concept of planet WASP-12b

Diamond life for distant planet

Searing hot planet rich in carbon could have mountains made of diamond.

planetary collision

Twin stars could doom planets

Tight double-star systems might not be the best places for life to spring up.