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Galaxy NGC 3521

Gallery: A fluffy galaxy

NGC 3521 has patchy spiral arms, making it good example of a ‘flocculent’ galaxy.

Galaxy Messier 101

Was the universe born spinning?

Studies of spiral galaxy rotations hint that the Big Bang began with a spin.

Galaxy pair AM500-620

Are galaxies ‘see through’?

Chance alignments of galaxy pairs help astronomers see how dusty galaxies really are.

Hubble image of NGC 2841

Dusty galaxy shows off its spirals

Hubble produces a new image of a spectacular spiral galaxy 46 million light-years from Earth.

Galaxy NGC 2997

Spiral galaxies stripped bare

Spectacular new images show spiral galaxies in a whole new light.

Galaxy NGC 3982

Hubble sees a mini-Milky Way

Spiral galaxy 68 million light-years away is full of newborn stars.

Infrared view of NGC 1365

Spiral galaxy seen in a new light

Infrared view of NGC 1365 shows stellar “nurseries” where stars are being born.

Image of the nearby galaxy Messier 83

Spiral galaxy M83

Stunning new image of a galaxy similar to our own Milky Way.