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SDO image of the Sun

Must-see video of the Sun!

Solar Dynamics Observatory celebrates it second birthday with amazing footage of solar explosions.

Illustration of space weather

Solar storm reaches Earth

A huge solar flare sent a storm of energy on a collision course with our planet.

Killer solar storms? Sorry, not going to happen

Killer solar storms? Sorry, not going to happen

Don’t believe the nonsense floating around the Internet that says we’re all doomed next year.

Dealing with space hazards

Dealing with space hazards

How to protect against space junk, solar storms and dangerous asteroids? Watch the video…

SPP spacecraft observing the Sun

Mission to the Sun!

First mission to the Sun will have to survive temperatures of 1,400 degrees.

Solar storm heading our way

Solar storm heading our way

Eruption from the Sun due to hit Earth on Wednesday.

A coronal mass ejection

Stormy Sun

Solar explosion sends a billion-tonne cloud of particles heading for Earth.

A prominence eruption on the Sun

The Sun in a new light

Amazing images and footage from NASA’s new Sun-watching, the Solar Dynamics Explorer.

Sun begins a new cycle

Sun begins a new cycle

The Sun appears to have begun its latest cycle of sunspot activity.

An eruption on the Sun known as a coronal mass ejection.

Solar explosions held by magnetic “ropes”

Huge explosions on the Sun can affect the Earth. Magnetic fields are to blame.