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SOHO coronograph image of a CME

GALLERY: Solar blast

The Sun has unleashed a huge eruption of plasma, or coronal mass ejection, spotted by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory spacecraft.

SOHO image of a CME

Sun sends an explosion our way

Billions of tonnes of particles were ejected by the Sun two days ago. Some were expected to reach Earth today.

Video – The Sun unleashes its fury

Video – The Sun unleashes its fury

Amazing footage of titanic explosions on the surface of the Sun.

Two massive solar eruptions

Two massive solar eruptions

NASA spacecraft captures video of two huge explosions streaming out from the Sun.

Comet's death dive into the Sun

Comet’s death dive into the Sun

Amazing video shows a comet plunging into the Sun and being destroyed.

SOHO image of the Sun with no sunspots

Spotless Sun

The Case of the Missing Sunspots has finally been solved.

Composite image of the July 11, 2010, total solar eclipse.

Amazing eclipse image

Three images in one reveal an incredible view of July’s solar eclipse

Full disc image of the Sun showing a flare

Sun’s size surprises scientists

The Sun has unexpectedly stayed the same size for the last 12 years.