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AUT dishes at Warkworth

Tasman link boosts “superscope” bid

Astronomers in New Zealand and Australia now have an even closer connection.

Artist's impression of ASKAP antennae

“Super scope” takes shape in the Outback

CSIRO telescope project gathers pace with the first 6 of 36 antennae now built.

SKAMP telescope

CSIRO “hot rods” old telescope

Aussie radio telescope gets a major upgrade for the 21st century.

Artist's impression of the Square Kilometre Array

World’s biggest telescope – the Aussie bid

Square Kilometre Array radio telescope network could be built in Australia and NZ.

Super scope will be green

Super scope will be green

Australia’s new radio telescope will use solar and geothermal energy.

Artist's impression of ASKAP dishes

Aussies and Kiwis forge cosmic connection

Radio telescopes in two countries link up over a distance of 5,500km.

Honey, I shrunk the receiver

Honey, I shrunk the receiver

Astronomy electronics could soon be used in mobile phones and other devices.

CSIRO's astronomy Super Science

CSIRO’s astronomy Super Science

Funding boost to Australia’s bid for the Square Kilometre Array telescope.

The Square Kilometre Array

The Square Kilometre Array

The SKA radio telescope network will see almost back to the beginning of time.

Perth's radio astronomy centre

Perth’s radio astronomy centre

See how a new centre will support and boost Australia’s 21st century radio astronomy research.