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Antennae of the MWA backlit by the Sun

Australian telescope to reveal early universe

The $51 million Murchison Widefield Array radio telescope has begun operations in Australia’s outback.

Artist's impression of SKA dishes

Australia to share in world’s largest telescope

Australian technology to power a major portion of the Square Kilometre Array telescope.

Artist's impression of SKA dishes

SKA telescope to be split

Square Kilometre Array system to be shared between Australia-NZ and southern Africa

Transit of Venus

The year ahead in space

Here are our Top 5 space things to look forward to in 2012.

An MWA antennae tile group

Australian SKA site producing the goods

Australia-New Zealand Square Kilometre Array site is already producing world-class results

MWA antennae

Revolutionary new telescope in WA

Quest to study the earliest stars and galaxies is underway in Western Australia.

Artist's impression of dishes that will make up the SKA radio telescope.

Radio astronomy protected in Western Australia

New regulations will protect Australia’s new super ‘scopes from radio interference.

ASKAP dish with sunlight glint

Dishes take shape in the desert

CSIRO’s super-scope, ASKAP, is taking shape in WA. We interview the man in charge…

ASKAP antennae

Milestone as radio dishes linked

Telescopes across Australasia unite to study black hole, in a forerunner of SKA operations.

ASKAP dishes

Aboriginal community names CSIRO telescope

Radio dishes given indigenous names in outback ceremony.