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SDO image of filamentary eruption on the Sun

Stunning solar eruption

A huge plasma loop collapses onto the Sun in the most spectacular fashion.

SDO image of the Sun

Must-see video of the Sun!

Solar Dynamics Observatory celebrates it second birthday with amazing footage of solar explosions.

VIDEO: Tornadoes on the Sun!

VIDEO: Tornadoes on the Sun!

Amazing video shows huge vortices rising from the solar surface.

Video – The Sun unleashes its fury

Video – The Sun unleashes its fury

Amazing footage of titanic explosions on the surface of the Sun.

A year in the Sun

A year in the Sun

Solar Dynamics Observatory watches the Sun for 12 straight months. See the highlights video…

Sun as seen by STEREO and SDO

The Sun as never seen before

Twin spacecraft produce an amazing 360-degree view of the Sun.

Composite image of the July 11, 2010, total solar eclipse.

Amazing eclipse image

Three images in one reveal an incredible view of July’s solar eclipse

A prominence eruption on the Sun

The Sun in a new light

Amazing images and footage from NASA’s new Sun-watching, the Solar Dynamics Explorer.