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Cassini image of Titan and Dione

Views of Moons

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snaps intriguing images of Saturn’s moons.

Saturn's moon Enceladus

Gallery – Geyser moon seen in silhouette

Saturn’s moon Enceladus viewed in the shadows of the giant ringed planet.

Five of Saturn's moons

Gallery – Quintet of Saturnian moons

Five of Saturn’s moons come together in a view from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.

Saturn's moon Dione

Gallery – Dione and friends

Dione, Saturn’s second densest moon, coasts in orbit past the planets rings.

Cassini image of four Saturnian moons

Gallery – Saturn’s four moon shuffle

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snaps four moons in the one image.

Three of Saturn's moons

Trio of Saturnian moons

Light and shadow play on three of Saturn’s moon as they whiz around the planet.

Image showing Rhea, Dione and Saturn's rings

Saturn’s three-in-one

Remarkable image shows two of Saturn’s moons and its rings in the one shot.

Saturn as seen from the Cassini spacecraft

Moody Saturn

Dramatic image looks down on the planet with its rings edge-on to the Sun.

Close-up view of the moon Pandora

Meet the real Pandora

Forget fairytale forests and blue-skinned aliens…the real Pandora is very different.

Saturn's moon Daphnis in the Keeler Gap in Saturn's rings

Saturn’s shepherd moon

Tiny Daphnis makes waves as it clears a path through Saturn’s rings.