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Artist's impression of the Jabiru-1 satellite

New Australian satellite to launch

Jabiru-1 communications satellite set to 2014 aboard an Ariane 5 rocket.

Diagram showing space junk in Earth orbit

Space junk reaches ‘tipping point’

Orbital debris problem reaches the stage where something needs to be done, says report.

Satellite image of a trio of storms in the Atlantic

Earth from Space —Triple trouble in the Atlantic

Weather satellite keeps its eye on three giant storms in the Atlantic Ocean.

Soyuz-2.1a rolling out to the launch pad at Baikonur

Russian rocket prepares for lift-off

Soyuz launcher on the pad with a cargo of six communications satellites.

Plasma thruster-powered spacecraft

Aussie ‘plasma thruster’ set for blast off

Australian rocket technology to help satellites travel longer and further.

Artist's impression of an Optus satellite in orbit

Satellites needed for NBN

Australia will need 2 or 3 extra satellites if the National Broadband Network is to succeed.

Australia from space

Australia back in the space race

New satellite and space engineering centre aims to boost Australia’s role in space.

Artist's impression of ICEsat

Ice satellite burns up

NASA’s ICEsat has met a fiery end, re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Echo 1 satellite

Remembering Echo 1

World’s first communications satellite was launched 50 years ago. Watch the video…

Video: dual-satellite launch

Video: dual-satellite launch

Ariane 5 rocket delivers two satellites to orbit. Watch the launch video…