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Australia Telescope Compact Array

Telescope takes universe’s temperature

Observations show the universe has cooled down just the way the Big Bang theory predicts.


Galaxy at the dawn of time

NASA space telescopes help spot a rare galaxy, as it was when the universe was young.

Artist’s impression of quasar ULAS J1120+0641

Most distant quasar found

Black hole-powered galaxy spotted when the universe was still in its infancy.

Dark energy dilemma

Dark energy dilemma

It comprises 70% of everything, but does anybody really know what dark energy really is?

Hubble Deep Field

The outer limits

Are there limits to how far we can see in space? And are there parts of space we’ll never see?

Artist’s conception of the cosmic view a trillion years from now.

Astronomy 1 trillion years from now

Far-future astronomers will see a very different cosmos. Will they still know about the Big Bang?

Abell 383

First galaxies older than expected

Scientists surprised by old stars in a young galaxy that formed soon after the Big Bang.

Portion of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Galaxy at the edge of time

Hubble does its time machine trick again, spotting the most distant galaxy yet seen.