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Australia from space

Astronomy linking Australia and Asia

Latest advances in radio astronomy will forge relationships across the region.

MWA antennae

Aussies unite for outback astronomy

Scientists and companies are busily building the next generation of radio telescopes in the remote desert.

Artist's impression of a black hole

How to spot a spinning black hole

Twists in space-time near black holes should be visible from Earth, say researchers.

Square Kilometre Array is coming

Square Kilometre Array is coming

World’s largest radio telescope will answer fundamental cosmic questions. Watch the video…

Artist's impression of ASKAP antennae

“Super scope” takes shape in the Outback

CSIRO telescope project gathers pace with the first 6 of 36 antennae now built.

Artist's impression of the Square Kilometre Array

World’s biggest telescope – the Aussie bid

Square Kilometre Array radio telescope network could be built in Australia and NZ.

Super scope will be green

Super scope will be green

Australia’s new radio telescope will use solar and geothermal energy.

Artist's impression of ASKAP dishes

Aussies and Kiwis forge cosmic connection

Radio telescopes in two countries link up over a distance of 5,500km.

CSIRO's Mopra dish

CSIRO dish spots superstar birthplace

Giant stars are forming in a hydrogen cloud 8,000 light-years from Earth.

Honey, I shrunk the receiver

Honey, I shrunk the receiver

Astronomy electronics could soon be used in mobile phones and other devices.