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Sunset image of dishes of the Australia Telescope Compact Array

Australian astronomer wins prestigious award

The former director of two of the world’s largest telescopes, Professor Ron Ekers, has been awarded a gold medal for his contributions to radio astronomy.

Artist's impression of SKA dishes

SKA telescope to be split

Square Kilometre Array system to be shared between Australia-NZ and southern Africa

MWA antennae

Revolutionary new telescope in WA

Quest to study the earliest stars and galaxies is underway in Western Australia.

CSIRO's Australia Telescope Compact Array

Milky Way galaxy is a ‘snake pit’

CSIRO map of gas in our galaxy shows huge turbulence waves that look like snakes.

theSkyNet logo

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Your PC is bored! Use its spare power to advance Australian radio astronomy research.

A star-forming region

Galaxies are running out of gas

Universe is forming fewer stars than it used to, according to a new CSIRO study

Artist's impression of dishes that will make up the SKA radio telescope.

Radio astronomy protected in Western Australia

New regulations will protect Australia’s new super ‘scopes from radio interference.

ASKAP antennae

Milestone as radio dishes linked

Telescopes across Australasia unite to study black hole, in a forerunner of SKA operations.

Diagram showing possible new Milky Way spiral arm

Milky Way spreads its arms

Does our galaxy have an extra spiral arm? Astronomers think they’ve found one.

First eight ALMA dishes

Dish complex will study ‘cool’ cosmos

The ALMA network is taking shape five kilometres above sea level in Chile.