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Happy birthday Neptune!

Big, blue world has completed its first 165-year orbit since discovery in 1846.

Voyager – the journey continues

Voyager – the journey continues

Twin space explorers are still going strong 33 years after launch. Watch the video…

Planets all in a row

Planets all in a row

Don’t miss the planetary skyshow on Saturday morning, April 30!


Pluto mission spots planet’s twin

Neptune’s moon Triton, often called Pluto’s twin, seen by Pluto-bound NASA mission.


Neptune’s dead zone is not empty

100km-wide asteroid found hiding at a stable point in Neptune’s orbit

Artist's impression of New Horizons at Pluto

Unique view of Jupiter

Pluto-bound spacecraft takes a look back at the Solar System’s biggest planet

Artist’s impression of how Triton, Neptune’s largest moon, might look from high above its surface

Neptune’s big moon is heating up

Summer is in full swing in Triton’s south, but it’s still only -235 degrees C!