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Montage of space calendars

2014 astronomy and space calendars

It’s not too late to grab one of these beautiful 2014 astronomy and space exploration calendars.

Horsehead Nebula in infrared light

New view of the Horsehead Nebula

Stunning new image from the Hubble Space Telescope of one of astronomers’ favourite deep sky objects.

GALLERY: Light and dark in the Milky Way

GALLERY: Light and dark in the Milky Way

This dark interstellar cloud has a starry lining.

Lupus 3 dark cloud

From darkness comes the light

Dark nebula is the birthplace of new stars.

W50 supernova remnant

The Manatee Nebula

Extinct star and an endangered Earth creature have something in common.

N 44 superbubble nebula

Cosmic superbubble shaped by stars

Huge bubble nebula is being formed by stellar winds and the shockwaves from supernovae.

The Rho Ophiuchi clouds

A nebula to dye for!

Hydrogen peroxide—used on Earth to dye hair blonde—has been found in deep space

WISE image of the Andromeda galaxy

Celestial treasure trove

NASA space telescope beams back amazing infrared views of the cosmos.

NGC 3582

Going out with a bang

Fireworks from dying stars produce a dynamic deep space display.

NGC 371

Rosy glow of young stars

Pretty star cluster is surrounded by a shell of glowing gas.