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Artist's impression of ASKAP dishes

Australia’s newest telescopes – bird’s eye view

New web site gives a bird’s-eye view of two new telescopes being built in Western Australia.

Dark flows on Mars

Red Planet goes with the flow

Mars’ habitability prospects boosted by evidence for flowing, salty water.

Artist's impression of dishes that will make up the SKA radio telescope.

Radio astronomy protected in Western Australia

New regulations will protect Australia’s new super ‘scopes from radio interference.

Artist's impression of the central part of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA).

Supercomputer boosts SKA chances

Computing facility could help Australia-New Zealand win rights to host biggest radio telescope.

MRO image of Opportunity rover at Santa Maria crater

Red rover’s Santa Maria visions

NASA’s intrepid Opportunity rover spotted from orbit as it explores the Red Planet.

MWA antennae

Aussies unite for outback astronomy

Scientists and companies are busily building the next generation of radio telescopes in the remote desert.

Pits on Mars

Mars is the pits

Huge holes in the Martian surface revealed by NASA spacecraft.

Dust devil tracks on Mars

Otherworldly artwork

What are these strange patterns, and on which planet are they found?

Mapping Mars from orbit

Mapping Mars from orbit

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has studied Mars for five years. Watch the video…

A satellite view of the Phoenix Mars Lander on the surface of Mars

Mars lander doesn’t phone home

NASA’s Phoenix lander stays silent as images show damage to its solar panels.