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Cassini image of Rhea

New images of an icy world

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snaps shots of Saturn’s moon Rhea.

Artist's impression of Pluto and Charon

Pluto has a new moon

Hubble Telescope spots a previously unknown moon orbiting the dwarf planet Pluto.

Asteroid Kleopatra

How Kleopatra gave birth to twins

Asteroid Kleopatra’s mini-moons show that mum is a bit of a wreck.

Voyager image of Uranus

Uranus fly-by – 25 years ago today

Remembering our first and so-far only visit to the mysterious seventh planet.

Saturn's moon Daphnis in the Keeler Gap in Saturn's rings

Saturn’s shepherd moon

Tiny Daphnis makes waves as it clears a path through Saturn’s rings.

Saturn and its rings

The twist in Saturn’s rings

Unseen moons are betraying their presence by warping Saturn’s famous rings.

Saturn's icy moon Dione

Saturn’s icy moon Dione

Icy terrain with wispy patterns covers one side of Saturn’s moon Dione.