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Animation of a rogue star

Rogue stars sail in intergalactic space

“Hypervelocity” stars ejected from the Milky Way into the emptiness between beyond.

Journey to the Centre of the Galaxy

Journey to the Centre of the Galaxy

Zoom through interstellar dust clouds to core of the Milky Way. Watch the video…

Star clusters discovered using VISTA

Hidden star groups uncovered

Telescope uncovers almost 100 star clusters hidden behind dust in the Milky Way.

Artist's impression of Gaia

Billion-pixel space camera

Huge digital camera will map a billion Milky Way stars during the Gaia mission.

Galaxy NGC 1300

Milky Way is a galactic cannibal

Cosmic cannibalism could have made our Milky Way galaxy the shape it is today.

Diagram showing possible new Milky Way spiral arm

Milky Way spreads its arms

Does our galaxy have an extra spiral arm? Astronomers think they’ve found one.

Artist's impression of a black hole

How to spot a spinning black hole

Twists in space-time near black holes should be visible from Earth, say researchers.

Stars in the Milky way

Aquarius younger by billions of years

Milky Way invaded by a stream of young stars from a shattered galaxy.

GLIMPSE360 and 2MASS image

Glimpse of glittering stars and gas

NASA’s Spitzer space telescope takes a long look at our Galaxy’s outer limits.

Illustration of a star being ejected from the Milky Way

Hypervelocity star leaves home

Black hole encounter sends a star shooting out of the Milky Way