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Take a tour of the Moon

Take a tour of the Moon

Video takes you on a tour of some of the Moon’s most interesting places.

LRO image of Apollo 12 landing site

In the astronauts’ footsteps

NASA releases incredible images showing the Apollo landing sites on the Moon.

Surface of the Moon

Our damaged, wrinkly Moon

The Moon’s rough ‘wrinkles’ reveal important clues to its past.

Crater Tycho

Lunar rock and roll

A close-up look at one of the Moon’s most prominent craters.

The Moon

Huge new Moon image

Zoom in on an enormous, detailed online image of the Moon’s nearside!

Artist's impression of LCROSS about to impact the Moon

Moon’s buried treasure uncovered

Lunar impact missions reveal treasure trove of ice and other useful chemicals.

Artist's impression of LRO

Moon’s face is a history book

Lunar craters provide new insights into the Solar System’s chaotic youth.

Rock bridge on the Moon

A bridge too far(side)

Natural bridge of rock discovered on the far side of the Moon.

Craters on the Moon

Shrinking moon starts to crack up

Cliffs in the Moon’s crust suggest the rocky world is cooling and shrinking. Watch the video…

LRO image of Earth from the Moon

Portrait of Earth

What does our planet look like from the Moon? Check out this NASA image…