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Made in Space – DNA building blocks

Made in Space – DNA building blocks

Precursors to the ‘molecule of life’ were likely formed in space. Watch the video…

Dark flows on Mars

Red Planet goes with the flow

Mars’ habitability prospects boosted by evidence for flowing, salty water.

Artist's impression of a white dwarf

Fertile ground for other Earths

White dwarf star systems could be the ideal to places to find habitable planets.

Artist's impression of a young planetary system

Poison could have led to life

Did deadly formaldehyde kick-start the organics that led to life on Earth?

Artist's impression of an exoplanet

Do aliens eat arsenic for breakfast?

Astrobiologists ‘follow the elements’ in the hunt for ‘weird life’ on Earth.

Titan, Epimetheus and Saturn's rings

Life on Titan: up in the air?

Hazy atmosphere of Saturn’s big moon could hold key ingredients for life.

Titan, Saturn’s largest moon

Moon gases: life starters?

Zapping a Titan-like gas mix with UV light produces life-precursor chemicals.

Artist’s concept of lightning on Venus

Was Venus once habitable?

Venus and Earth are completely different today, but was it always that way?

Artist's concept of a lake on the surface of the moon Titan

Life on Titan could eat acetylene

Is Saturn’s moon Titan home to methane-based life-forms that eat welding gas?

Image of the surface of Mars taken by one of NASA's Viking landers, showing parts of the lander in the foreground.

Earth attacks!

Could Earth microbes hitch a ride on NASA spacecraft and invade the Red Planet?