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Artist's impression of a star like our Sun

Updated census of Sun-like stars

Stellar oscillations are telling astronomers more about the life story of stars.

Red giant star

Starquakes reveal stars’ inner secrets

Discovery leads to new insights into how stars evolve.

Artist's conception of the Kepler-11 system

Family of planets found

Astronomers amazed by the discovery of six planets orbiting a single Sun-like star.

Artist's impression of an exoplanet system

Planets galore!

Kepler space telescope finds 1,235 planet candidates, including Earth-sized ones.

Artist's impression of exoplanets

Join the hunt for alien planets!

Astronomers need you to help find Earth-like worlds, using simple a Web-based tool.

Artist's impression of two Saturn-like planets orbiting very close to the star Kepler-9b.

More planets found

Two are like Saturn, while a third could be a “hot Earth”.