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Artist's impression of an exoplanet

Five new rocky planets discovered

Astronomers have announced the discovery of another handful of planets as they work on expanding the galactic planetary census.

Earth-sized planets common in the Milky Way

Earth-sized planets common in the Milky Way

Data from NASA’s Kepler mission indicates many Sun-like stars have planets not much bigger than Earth.

461 new planet candidates

461 new planet candidates

With dozens more confirmed planets, scientists say it’s just a matter of when, not if, we find a new Earth.

Artist's concepts of Spitzer, Planck and Kepler

Three space missions extended

Kepler, Spitzer and Planck telescopes get extra time in space.

Artist's concept of the KOI-961 system

Mini-Solar System has smallest planets found so far

NASA’s Kepler mission has found three planets smaller than Earth circling a dim, red star.

Artist's impression of Kepler-20e

First Earth-size planets orbiting a Sun-like star

NASA’s Kepler mission finds the smallest planets ever confirmed circling a star like our Sun.

Artist's impression of a red giant star

Our Sun can expect inner turmoil in old age

Old stars found to be on a “go slow” on the outside, but fast on the inside.

Artist's conception illustrates Kepler-22b

Kepler finds planet in the habitable zone

NASA’s planet-hunting space telescope confirms “super Earth” discovery.

Artist's concept of Kepler-16b

“Star Wars” planet discovered

NASA’s Kepler satellite spots a Saturn-sized world orbiting two stars.

Artist's conception of exoplanet TrES-2b

Alien world is blacker than coal

Super-hot, almost-pitch black world orbits a star 750 light-years from Earth.