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Keck Observatory

18 new giant planets found

Largest single announcement of planets discovered orbiting stars bigger than our Sun.

Artist's impression of Earth-like planets

Earth-sized Planets could be everywhere

Nearly one in four Sun-like stars may host planets as small as Earth.

Artist's impression of a planet orbiting Gliese 581

“Goldilocks” planet discovered

Planet found in a star’s “habitable zone”. Is this the one we’ve been waiting for?

Artist's impression of an exoplanet

Far-flung planet has cloudy skies

Puzzling planet has a dusty atmosphere unlike any other found so far.

Distant galaxies

Cosmic conundrum puzzles astronomers

Galaxy studies reveal what could be a bizarre coincidence, or something more

Smallest known star duo confirmed

Smallest known star duo confirmed

Astronomers have confirmed that two dead stars that revolve around each other in just 5.4 minutes.