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Soyuz launches crew to the Space Station

Soyuz launches crew to the Space Station

Video of the lift-off of Expedition 29, including views inside the Soyuz capsule.

Earth from Space – Videos of our World

Earth from Space – Videos of our World

Amazing views of our planet, as seen from the International Space Station.

Astronaut's view of Earth's aurora

Astronaut’s view of Earth’s aurora

Brilliant aurora bathes our planet in a green glow in this video from the Space Station.

Orbital night-time view of southern California, Mexico's Baja California and the Gulf of Cortez

Seeing Earth’s night-lights

Visions of our planet from orbit, showing cities glowing with light.

Diagram showing space junk in Earth orbit

Space junk reaches ‘tipping point’

Orbital debris problem reaches the stage where something needs to be done, says report.

ISS image of a meteor

Shooting star, seen from above

Astronauts capture image of a meteor as it burns up in Earths’ atmosphere.

Tribute to the shuttle

Tribute to the shuttle

European astronauts pay tribute to the amazing space shuttle. Watch the video…

ISS photo of space shuttle Atlantis re-entering Earth's atmosphere

Shuttle re-entry seen from space!

Space Station crewmembers photographed Atlantis on her way home.

One of the Earth-bound spiders

Space spiders coming home

After two months on the Space Station, Gladys and Esmerelda will return to Earth.

Salute to the Space Shuttle

Salute to the Space Shuttle

For 30 years, the incredible winged spacecraft has inspired the world. Watch the video…