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Watch NASA's celebrations of the Apollo 11 landing

Watch NASA’s celebrations of the Apollo 11 landing

As NASA celebrates the 45th anniversary of the first crewed lunar landing, it is taking steps along the part to its next giant leap – sending astronauts to Mars.

Orion Nebula

Weekly space gallery for January 18, 2014

We bring you the latest amazing astronomy and space exploration images from around the cosmos.

Expedition 38 flight members holding the Olympic torch

Olympic torch to go on a spacewalk

Two Russian cosmonauts will carry the Olympic torch when they venture outside the International Space Station Saturday tonight for a six-hour spacewalk.

Illustration of the Bigelow BEAM on the ISS

Space Station to test inflatable module

The universe is expanding, and now so it seems are the modules on the International Space Station.

View of Earth from the International Space Station

Videos – Around the globe

More incredible videos of planet Earth as seen from orbit.

View of the Earth, looking down from the International Space Station.

VIDEO: Another trip around the Earth

More amazing short videos of our planet, looking down from the International Space Station.

Artist's impression of the Dragon spacecraft in orbit.

Cargo capsule set for launch

Dragon to lift-off at the end of the month, on a mission to the Space Station.

ISS view of an aurora

VIDEO: Two amazing views of Planet Earth

Space Station’s-eye view of our planet as we fly over aurorae and the day-night line.

Oblique ISS view of Livingston Island and Deception Island

Earth from Space: Sideways view of Antarctica

Amazing view from space shows Livingston and Deception Islands, in Antarctica.

Relive the Soyuz landing

Relive the Soyuz landing

Ever wondered what a spacecraft re-entry looks like from above? Watch the video…