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ACS Image of NGC 5866

Hubble’s greatest galaxy images

15 of the best galaxy photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope

Close-up shot of the centre of the Lagoon Nebula

Dive into the Lagoon Nebula

New Hubble Space Telescope image reveals a dreamscape of colour and shade.

Galaxy NGC 4696

Giant galaxy hides its secrets

A supermassive black hole beats at the heart of this huge elliptical galaxy.

NGC 4911

Face to face with a galactic giant

Hubble’s view of a spiral galaxy 320 million light-years from Earth.

Artist's impression of the James Webb Space Telescope

Coming soon: Hubble’s successor

Webb Telescope will be almost three times as big as Hubble. Watch the trailer…

Incredible Hubble video

Incredible Hubble video

Amazing Hubble Telescope video of a star-forming region in a nearby galaxy

Illustration of a star being ejected from the Milky Way

Hypervelocity star leaves home

Black hole encounter sends a star shooting out of the Milky Way

Artist's illustration of the gas giant planet HD 209458b

Today’s recipe: Roasted planet

Take one star, add a close-orbiting planet, and fry it until starts smoking.

Hubble image of NGC 2467

Hubble sees stellar incubator

New Hubble image shows a stunningly beautiful nebula and star cluster.

A Hubble image of NGC 3603

Stellar fireworks

Glittering collection of young stars looks like an exploding skyrocket.