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Galaxy at the dawn of time

NASA space telescopes help spot a rare galaxy, as it was when the universe was young.

Hubble Space Telescope image of Holmberg II

Galaxy caught blowing bubbles

Hubble spots huge glowing bubbles of hot gas in a strange dwarf galaxy.

Hubble's replacement put to the test

Hubble’s replacement put to the test

James Webb Space Telescope gets a taste of space in NASA’s vacuum test chamber.

Artist's impression of Pluto and Charon

Pluto has a new moon

Hubble Telescope spots a previously unknown moon orbiting the dwarf planet Pluto.

Close-up image of the central region of NGC 5128

Hubble sees a southern wonder

Famous southern galaxy gets the Hubble scrutiny in a superb new image

Galaxy pair AM500-620

Are galaxies ‘see through’?

Chance alignments of galaxy pairs help astronomers see how dusty galaxies really are.

Artist's impression of a collision with an asteroid

Rocky horror show in deep space

Innocent asteroid gets an unwelcome visitor who leaves the place in a mess.

Latest Hubble video report

Latest Hubble video report

Hubble is working on three huge new discovery projects, as this video explains…

Hubble Deep Field

The outer limits

Are there limits to how far we can see in space? And are there parts of space we’ll never see?

Abell 383

First galaxies older than expected

Scientists surprised by old stars in a young galaxy that formed soon after the Big Bang.