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Artist’s impression of a Jupiter-like planet orbiting a star. Courtesy ESO/L. Calçada.

Spotting the stars that eat Earths

Some Sun-like stars are ‘earth-eaters’, ingesting large amounts of the kind of material from which planets like Earth and Mars and are made.

False-colour image of star HD 4230

Lone star has two planets

A new giant planet, perhaps twice the mass of Jupiter, has been located in a star system about 250 light-years from Earth.

Artist's impression of an exoplanet

Five new rocky planets discovered

Astronomers have announced the discovery of another handful of planets as they work on expanding the galactic planetary census.

Artist's view of exoplanet GJ 1214b

Cloudy weather on an alien world

Weather forecasters on exoplanet GJ 1214b would have an easy job. Today’s forecast: cloudy. Tomorrow: overcast. Extended outlook: more clouds.

The projected motion of the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri

Close encounter could reveal planets

Observations of the nearest star to our Solar System might uncover the presence of Earth-sized planets.

Earth-sized planets common in the Milky Way

Earth-sized planets common in the Milky Way

Data from NASA’s Kepler mission indicates many Sun-like stars have planets not much bigger than Earth.

461 new planet candidates

461 new planet candidates

With dozens more confirmed planets, scientists say it’s just a matter of when, not if, we find a new Earth.

Artist's concept of the planet 55 Cancri e

Light of an alien “super-Earth”

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope picks up the light of a distant water world.

Artist's impression of a planet circling a red dwarf star

Billions of super-Earths “out there”

Our galaxy’s faint red stars are thought to harbour billions of planets only slightly bigger than Earth.

Artistic rendition of a nomad planet

Galaxy may swarm with ‘nomad’ planets

Our galaxy may be awash in homeless planets, wandering through space instead of orbiting a star.