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Star clusters discovered using VISTA

Hidden star groups uncovered

Telescope uncovers almost 100 star clusters hidden behind dust in the Milky Way.

The Rho Ophiuchi clouds

A nebula to dye for!

Hydrogen peroxide—used on Earth to dye hair blonde—has been found in deep space

The Meathook Galaxy

Meet the Meathook Galaxy

Strangely lopsided galaxy has bent spiral arms and glowing clouds of hydrogen gas.

That's not a telescope!

That’s not a telescope!

If Crocodile Dundee had a telescope, it would be an ELT. Find out more in this public talk…

Hidden cosmic treasures

Hidden cosmic treasures

See how a Russian amateur got to use one of the world’s biggest telescopes.

NGC 3582

Going out with a bang

Fireworks from dying stars produce a dynamic deep space display.

Artist’s impression of CFBDSIR 1458+10

Really cool stars

Move over Hollywood, astronomers have spotted what could be the coldest star yet found.

Artist's impression of Beta Pictoris b

Hot, giant planet seen again

New images confirm the presence of a hot, giant planet orbiting a nearby star.

Galaxy NGC 247

Galaxy not so far, far away

A dusty galaxy has been lying about how far away it is.

Nebula Messier 78

Stunning blue nebula

Reflecting the glow of bright stars, nebula Messier 78 can be seen with a small telescope.